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The Ohio State University 12th Ave Garage

340 West 12th Avenue

Columbus, OH

     Parking for the wedding will be at The Ohio State University 12th Avenue Garage, located at 340 W 12th Avenue. The Directions page provides detailed instructions on how to access this garage from any major highway into the City of Columbus, with minimal vehicle traffic and while avoiding most or all of the busy student foot traffic of a campus school day. Those coming from the north will enter via the John H. Herrick Drive entrance, while those coming from the south will enter the garage via the 12th Avenue entrance.

     It is STRONGLY recommended that you use only the routes provided on the Directions page, as foot and vehicle traffic which are necessarily encountered by taking other routes are often quite severe, especially in the early and mid afternoon during the time of our ceremony.

     Upon parking in the garage, exit the garage on foot on the north side, facing Ohio Stadium. Follow the Pink Route to get to the Amphitheatre after parking.